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"The Impact of the Agency Selection Process on Public Relations Programs and Outcomes" provides insights into how Fortune 1000 companies and leading associations search for and hire agencies, and points to opportunities on how to improve search outcomes for both client organizations and the agencies they engage.

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Choosing the right public relations, public affairs or digital communications agency is a process in need of repair. Organizations often do not know where to start – and when they do, rarely have the bandwidth, the patience or the focus to spend 100+ hours researching, evaluating and selecting an agency they’re about to entrust to carry their message, their brand and their reputation.

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On the other side, PR agencies are often forced to respond to requests for proposals that are missing information, short on budget details, prompt more questions than they answer, require too much detail, and mandate an almost instant turn-around of strategy, creativity and production. It’s insanity.


RFP Associates believes the system must change so companies can identify good agencies to compete for their business, and so agencies can expect a structured method so they can do their best work to respond and potentially win a new client. The result will satisfy both parties and will support the evolution of public relations. 


That’s our job, and our commitment.  RFP Associates will improve the method for both agencies and clients by serving both parties as an honest broker between the two sides, helping our clients manage a thorough search and selection process, and creating strong and successful client-agency relationships. We put our collective experience together on behalf of the hiring organization, utilizing our proven approach to help clients:

  • Crystalize their public relations requirements in a a request-for-proposal (RFP);
  • Identify and narrow the list of qualified candidate agencies;
  • Evaluate the capability, creativity, and proposed approach of each agency; and, 
  • Select and negotiate a contract with the winning agency.