Helping Our Clients Select a Public Relations Agency

RFP Associates provides clients a cost-effective, objective and thorough approach to the hiring of a public relations agency, whether for a short-term project or an ongoing, retainer relationship. Our services include:

  • Consulting to help evaluate and define the precise needs of the client.
  • Development of an RFP which comprehensively and accurately reflects client’s requirements.
  • Comprehensive search for agencies qualified/experienced to perform the work called for by the client.
  • Pre-screening and –qualifying of agencies to result in a manageable “universe” of candidate firms.
  • Management of the outreach, RFP distribution and pre-proposal process.
  • Coordination and work with client to review and evaluate:
    • Written proposals and capabilities statements.
    • In-person presentations
  • Support in the negotiation and contract structuring process.