The Devil is in the Details When Issuing RFPs
Client · 04. May 2022
Hiring an agency is like hiring staff and forming a new department, each firm needs to be properly vetted and pass key interviews, reference checks, and testing in order to be hired. Learn some key takeaways in our blog on issuing RFPs.
Presentation Tips for the Pandemic
Client · 20. March 2021
Discussion about how clients are conducting agency presentations during COVID-19. Suggestions for both sides of the process.

Client · 26. June 2019
When offering advice to agencies about how they can win more business, we often cite the lesson that no detail is too small. An example that summarizes the point best is the many-times-retold tale of a McDonald’s PR pitch where one agency was eliminated before it even began its final presentation because no one on the team could quote the price of a Happy Meal. The other involves a proposal for a piece of the UPS business which would have resulted in a lucrative win for a major agency. After...