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October 2021 - On occasion an organization may have a massive project, be understaffed or simply lack the skills to produce an important event.  This is when hiring a public relations, marketing or digital firm may be the answer to successfully complete your project.  Do you ask your cousin for guidance?  Perhaps you met a PR person at a business meeting!  How can you feel confident you can identify the optimal firm to get this project completed successfully, without complications and that they clearly understand your goals?   RFP Associates has a proven track record of success.  


Steve Drake and Robert Udowitz, both PR veterans, have the senior level experience and proven track record of helping organizations contract with the optimal firm.  Their unbiased process may take several months but the outcome has proven to be worth the time. If you need to hire a PR, marketing , digital firm you must listen to this episode!!!!

PRSA National Offers Our RFQ/RFP Tools To Its Membership

Our online RFQ and RFP Tools developed with CommunicationsMatch received a big boost today as Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) launched its new agency search and hiring tools to its members.

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National Press Club Communicators Lunch on how to select a PR agency on Thursday, Dec. 3

One element of the public relations-communications process that is often not given enough emphasis is how organizations go about finding and hiring an agency to support them, as well as how agencies “sell” their business to potential clients.

During this virtual program hosted by the NPC Communicators Team, Steve Drake and Robert Udowitz, the founders of RFP Associates, will describe how the “request for proposal” process is used to select an agency. This knowledge is based on the veteran communicators’ collective experience from both sides of the negotiating table during their careers at PR agencies, corporations and trade associations.

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Public Relations RFP Online Tools Launched to Improve, Streamline PR Agency Hiring Process

NEW YORK, NY, April 29, 2020 – The public relations industry’s first online RFP and RFQ agency selection tools and customizable templates are now available to help clients streamline public relations agency or consultant hiring using search and services platform CommunicationsMatch.   


The new Agency Select RFQ/RFP process, developed by CommunicationsMatch in partnership with agency search firm RFP Associates, offers client organizations an integrated, secure, and low-cost way to issue an RFQ or RFP to any of the 6,000 agencies and professionals on the CommunicationsMatch platform with areas of expertise that match needs. The new tools help client organizations evaluate and select the most qualified agencies for an assignment and achieve better search results.

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September 23 - We are featured on the Arthur Page Society blog this week discussing the agency search process and how chief communications officers can improve their agency selections by following some simple steps 

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Hear Us on the Flack Pack Podcast

As we discuss our process and the state of today's RFPs for PR Agencies

Responding to a PR request for proposals (RFP) can be stressful, time consuming, and sometimes futile. But it’s also necessary, as RFPs are a staple of agency business development efforts.

So how can PR pros engage the RFP process and live to tell about it? Robert spends some quality time this week with two experts on RFPs: Robert Udowitz and Steve Drake, principals of RFP Associates, based here in the Washington, D.C. metro area. They examine the pitfalls of the process and share some tips that will help us master our next RFP response.

Original Research Presentation: "The Impact of the Agency Selection Process on Client Public Relations Programs and Outcomes" - April 11-12, 2019

 RFP Associates will present the findings of its commissioned survey on CMO/CCOs at the Institute for Public Relations' Annual Bridge Conference

April 11 in Washington, DC - register here


PR Agencies: How to Achieve Better Search Outcomes

new article on CommPRO draws upon our “Client’s Guide to PR and Communications Agency Search” to highlight key steps to improve communications agency, consultant and freelancer search outcomes. 


CommunicationsMatch™ and RFP Associates Partner on New Agency Search Guide, Agency Search Resource Center, and Consulting Services to Help Companies Find Communications Agencies & Improve Search Outcomes

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 RFP Associates was featured in an article in the Capitol Communicator's article, "Clients and Agencies Learn Best Practices for Managing an Effective Public Relations RFP Process." 

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RFP Associates announces its fifth annual sponsorship of the

Public Relations Summit DC - July 19, 2018 at the National Press Club

in Washington, DC. Details at



RFP Associates will speak at an upcoming PRSA-NCC Program on March 15 in Washington, DC

 "Best Strategies for RFP Success: Choosing Winning Agencies & Winning More Business"


 Details here 


The International Public Relations Association invited us to write a blog about our global searches.  Please read it here.  

Check out our article on the importance of RFPs in O'DwyersPR

“Mastering RFP Evaluation and Response to Win More Business”

Webinar - December 13 at 1pm (EST) - RFP Associates will be conduct the monthly Counselor's Academy of PRSA webinar. "....RFPs are an important source of new business for most agencies. In this session, we'll will help you navigate the good RFPs from the bad, and then how to position yourself to win. Details and registration here.


"Finding Agencies in a Diverse & Digital World"  - a webinar discussing how agency search technology, combined with a communications-focused RFP and competitive review process, can help companies generate better search outcomes and result in more productive, longer-term agency relationships.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 2:0pm(EST) - Register - here 


"Managing the RFP Process to Find the Right Firm or Consultant" - a webinar featuring a case study from one our recent clients. 

Monday, February 13, 2017 at 2:0pm(EST) Register - here 


RFP Associates was featured in Capitol Communicator's article, "What Will The Trump Administration Mean to Area Communicators."

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"5 RFP Must-Do’s When Hiring Your Next PR Agency" featured in PR News' August edition

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RFP Associates will speak at PRXNE16: The PRSA Northeast District Conference


on Monday, June 14, 2016 in Boston, MA. Our program will be "Best Strategies for RFPs: Choosing Winning Agencies/Winning More Business." Details here.  



RFP Associates announces its third annual sponsorship of the

Public Relations Summit DC - June 10, 2016 in Washington, DC. Details at


Steve Drake Delivers U of M Commencement Address

RFP Associates Principal Steve Drake recently delivered the Winter Commencement speech for the University of Maryland's Department of Communication. His topic was Cool Hand Luke's immortal line, "What we have here is failure to communicate!"

PRSA-NCC's Fifth Annual Public Relations Issues of the Day for Nonprofits and Associations

Washington, DC, November 4 from 8-10:30am - We are speaking at the National Capital Chapter's annual roundtable program on the topic of choosing a PR agency. Register at

PRSA Counselor's Academy - May 3-5

“Mastering RFP Evaluation and Response to Win More Business”

RFP Associates are featured speakers at the 2015 Counselor's Academy Conference in Laguna Hills, Calif. "....RFPs are an important source of new business for most agencies. In this session, learn how your agency can better understand, evaluate and respond to RFPs to enhance your new business success rate. Details here.

Guest Blog - Entrepreneurs' Organization

March 6, 2015

It’s Not Just Free Publicity


Understanding the How’s and Why’s about Hiring a PR Agency for Your Business

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Entrepreneurs' Organization - January 15, 2015

RFP Associates has been asked to speak to the members of EO about how to determine if an organization needs a PR firm or whether marketing is more about what they're after. We will also walk them through the process of searching for the right agency for their needs.

This program is for EO members only but there are real benefits to joining.



RFP Associates will speak on the "Secrets of Winning More RFPs: Mastering RFP Evaluation and Response to Increase Agency New Business

 - during a webinar July 10, 2014. Details available at Bulldog Reporter. 

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RFP Associates announces its sponsorship of the

Convergence in Communications Conference - March 28, 2014 in Arlington, VA. Details below and at


December 13 - Hiring a PR Firm That Fits You

The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority included our story on "Hiring a Public Relations Firm that Fits You" in the Fourth Quarter Edition of its Business Ventures Newsletter. 

Please clip the .pdf below to read the story or use this link to view the entire newsletter. 

Fairfax County Business Ventures
Fairfax County BV 4q13.pdf
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Date Program Event

March 6, 2015 -

Arlington, VA


RFP Associates Sponsored Event

The DC region's only event addressing the disruptive convergence of technology impacting the communications landscape - and specifically public relations and public affairs professionals. 

Convergence In Communications 

Details here.

July 10, 2014

Secrets of Winning More RFPs: Mastering RFP Evaluation and Response to Increase Agency New Business

Bulldog Reporter's PR University.

Details and Registration here.

March 28, 2014 -

Arlington, VA


RFP Associates Sponsored Event

The DC region's only event addressing the disruptive convergence of technology impacting the communications landscape - and specifically public relations and public affairs professionals.  

Convergence In Communications 

Details here.

November 22, 2013

Formulas for PR Agency Success: How To Achieve Competitive Dominance, Superior Profitability and New Business Growth

Bulldog Reporter's PR University.

Register here.

November 2012 "Managing the Client/PR Agency Relationship" Mid-Atlantic PRSA Conference. Robert and Steve will both present.
August 2012 Corporate Program Robert will discuss how nonprofits can work with agencies
November  2011 34th Annual Chesapeake Conference (Bethesda, MD). Click here for details. Robert & Steve will present on "Choosing An Agency: How to Conduct the RFP Process"
September 2011


(part of Advertising Week in Washington)

Robert will participate in the panel, "Search Consultant True Confessions: Myths, Mistakes and Must-Dos" 

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October 2010

PRSA International Conference

Capital Hilton, Washington, DC

Robert and Helen spoke on "Best Business PRactices: Strategy, Writing and Managing the RFP Process"

Click for a copy of our session. 



How To Manage The Client-Agency Relationship

RFP Associates was interviewed for the DS Simon Vlog on the client-agency relationship. We have found that so often well-meaning engagements start to run off-course because the proper expectations were not set and the goals were not properly established. Please see our presentation (along with a great handout on working with your agency).

IABC-DC Podcast

The DC Chapter of IABC invited us to talk live about the agency’s role and response to the RFP. The interview included insights and must have elements and tips for developing a reply and presentation.


IABC_DC Metro Capital Podcast RFP part 2
MP3 Audio File 19.8 MB

  • "How to Write a PR RFP: Insights from RFP Associates" - PR Communications blog.
  • An interview with us on IABC-DC blog, "Capitol-Cast." In it we discuss the organization's perspective of the RFP. 
  • Read our guest blog, "Looking for Agencies in All the Wrong Places"
  • Please read our two-part interview with Leslie Levine of
    • Help for PR Agencies and the Companies that Hire Them. Click here.
    • De-Stressing the Agency Selection Process. Click here.
    • Here's another story by Leslie on choosing a PR agency. Click here.
  • Bulldog Reporter's Daily Dog announcement of the company. Click here.
  • Capitol Communicator's coverage of our announcement. Click here.
  • O'Dwyer's - "PR Vets Form RFP Consultancy" - Click here.


"Conversations in PR" Interview on The RFP Process

Press Releases

RFP Associates Launches - October 18, 2010
RFP Associates Launched to Help Organizations Conduct Searches for Public Relations Agencies.
RFP Associates--Launch Press Release.pdf
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