Presentation Tips for the Pandemic
Client · 20. March 2021
Discussion about how clients are conducting agency presentations during COVID-19. Suggestions for both sides of the process.
Agency Search · 25. September 2019
The Arthur Page Society has featured an original blog we wrote for them, delving into how more CCOs need to hire agencies with the same diligence they do new employees.

Advice · 06. September 2019
We were featured on DC's premier podcast for the public relations industry, the Flack Pack. This interview (starts at 17 minutes) truly summarizes all that we're about.
Agency Search · 31. July 2019
While public relations trade media and organizations do a good job tracking and recognizing agency new business wins, agency/client programs and innovations, and other sector-wide developments, one issue has received scant attention until now: how organizations go about identifying, evaluating and ultimately hiring public relations agencies.

Client · 26. June 2019
When offering advice to agencies about how they can win more business, we often cite the lesson that no detail is too small. An example that summarizes the point best is the many-times-retold tale of a McDonald’s PR pitch where one agency was eliminated before it even began its final presentation because no one on the team could quote the price of a Happy Meal. The other involves a proposal for a piece of the UPS business which would have resulted in a lucrative win for a major agency. After...
Public Relations · 07. March 2019
Does the agency identification and hiring process in the PR industry work? We have embarked on a major research study to learn and improve on the way clients choose their firms.

RFPs · 07. August 2018
Of course the agency selection process can be improved. But it's a two-way street and both sides don't just have to be willing; they also need to commit to transparency and honesty. Why is that so difficult?
Guest · 24. July 2018
A new article for CommPRO draws upon our “Client’s Guide to PR and Communications Agency Search” to highlight key steps to improve communications agency, consultant and freelancer search outcomes.

RFPs · 23. January 2018
Selecting an agency able to deliver globally while sticking to budget is far from easy. Here are the questions to ask.
RFPs · 27. November 2017
There's no better process to review agencies. It just can't be rushed and has to be methodical.

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