The Agency Search Process: Does It Drive Agency Satisfaction & Successful Outcomes?

RFP Associates has partnered with CommunicationsMatch, and Researchscape to conduct the industry’s first national research into the agency search and hiring processes. The goal is to provide data and insights around the contributions made by the search process to agency satisfaction and program outcomes.


The most exciting piece of this announcement is that we have been selected to present our findings at the second annual Bridge Conference, hosted by the Institute of Public Relations Research on April 11-12 in Washington, DC.


Hiring a PR or communications agency is one of the most important decisions communications and marketing leaders make. There’s the cost of an agency to consider, but perhaps far more important is the fact that you’re asking a third party to manage your company’s brand and reputation.


While making the right decision when it comes to hiring agencies is potentially a key driver of business success, a question that’s unanswered is whether or not the search process companies use to find agencies will make that success more likely.


By researching the methods and processes from those who are involved in it from start to finish we hope to improve the way our industry approaches agency selection and help make it a fair and transparent process.


If you make the hiring decisions at your organization you have until March 15 to participate in our survey. Here's the link.