Welcome to “Cart Before the Horse”

Thank you for having a look at our inaugural blog post!


Why “Cart Before the Horse?”  Because we founded RFP Associates on the premise that the process of identifying, evaluating and hiring a PR agency, social media or branding consultancy or marketing communications firm is one requiring preparation, commitment and the focus of both parties. 


Too often a hiring organization puts too little time and effort into a decision that represents an investment of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.  And too often an agency under consideration will dismiss the RFP process as nothing more than a rigged “beauty contest,” one that requires a lot of “jumping through hoops” with little hope of a positive outcome.  Too often, in other words, the hiring organization and the agency both put the cart before the horse.


In this space, we will share with you our observations, our thoughts and our recommendations on how all parties involved in the hiring of a PR/PA agency or other professional services company can make certain their horses are in front of them, headed in the right direction, and intent on arriving at their destinations in as efficient manner as possible. We'll also offer our observations on topical industry concerns and issues that relate to the betterment of the profession. 


RFP Associates is committed to being right there up front with you.  Along the way, we look forward to your input, perspective and feedback.


Meantime, let’s enjoy the journey together.