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RFPs · 23. January 2018
Selecting an agency able to deliver globally while sticking to budget is far from easy. Here are the questions to ask.
12. August 2014
(original post) Defining your scope of work is critical when selecting any PR firm. Not only will it make your goals and objectives clear, but it will also help you determine if you are looking purely for public relations services or, perhaps, if you need marketing or digital services instead. Though the lines are blurring today on what PR and marketing firms offer, as a general rule it’s important to understand where you need the help: earned media/media relations (PR), writing (PR), sales...

31. July 2014
It bothers us every time we read or hear about a start-up or small business complaining that it wasn’t happy with its PR firm. Sure, there are two sides to every story, but we’re willing to wager that the primary cause for agency dissatisfaction among small businesses is – more often than not - poor planning and consideration before hiring the firm. This is not to point a finger at hiring companies. More often than not, they are justifiably too enmeshed in their own day-to-day details to...
21. November 2012
Recently I outlined the top five concerns we hear about time and again from our business and association clients regarding the RFP and agency selection process. Now, as many clients look to hire or switch agencies to have a resource in place by early 2013, it’s time to hear from the agencies. What are their chief complaints and concerns?