Can The RFP Process Be Improved?

With a Willing Industry, Of Course It Can

The only way to improve the PR Agency RFP Process Is to look under the hood and fix the problems and complaints heard from both sides.

Why Do Agencies Hate the RFP Process?

We’ve heard a lot of colorful and even off-color language about this, but it tends to boil down to five main reasons:

  1. Agencies would simply rather win business through referrals
  2. The odds of winning are so low that participating in the RFP process is like entering a lottery
  3. The process is undoubtably rigged for an incumbent firm
  4. Templated RFPs for communications are a sign that they were not designed for hiring an agency
  5. Publicly issued RFPs aren’t worth the effort


We collaborated with CommunicationsMatch to resolve what we think are these main sticking points.

Please read the full post - Public Relations RFPs: How to Improve the Agency RFP Process. Another version appears on CommPro - PR RFPs: Time to Reinvent a Broken Process.